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About Holistic Massage

Hello, thanks for stopping by, Renewal Massage offers Holistic Massage with me, Beth Powlesland in Levenshulme, Manchester: -


I meet the needs of each individual as a whole, treating the body and the person as one.

We experience the world through our bodies - our minds, our emotions and our wellbeing are not separate from this physical experience. Holistic massage draws techniques from several traditions to bring you back into alignment with your body - the home of your wellbeing. 

In your tailored massage I aim to bring vitality back to your body through a sensitive, listening approach in which touch brings awareness and allows your body to re-connect with it's own intuitive intelligence. 

Comments from previous client's...

‘What struck me most about my treatment with Beth was her amazing ability to listen to the body and its needs. There is an attentiveness to her practice which left my body feeling completely heard and my physical pain understood. I find this quality rare to find in a massage therapist and something that is so very important! I cannot recommend Beth enough.’ Natalie Divall

"Beth uses her considerable knowledge of the body along with a well honed felt sense to give a truly holistic massage that is intuitive to your needs. I felt like she was able to deeply relax and nourish my body, moved at exactly the right pace and I felt better all round for days and days after."

Zosia Jo (Dance artist)

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About B e t h

I have been working professionally with the body since 2007, first as a professional dancer, exploring the workings of the body through movement, touch and awareness.

After over a decade working with internationally acclaimed companies and directors including Earthfall, National Dance Company Wales and National Theatre Wales, I felt the calling to go deeper with a therapeutic understanding of the body through holistic massage. 


Massage has had a central role in my own life to give me some much needed permission to let go, to help during times of recovery from injury, and in helping me connect to how I really feel.


I qualified from the 'Bristol School of Massage and Bodywork' as a Holistic Massage Therapist and I am MTI (Massage Training Institute) approved. 

The qualification focused on deepening the knowledge of the inner workings of the body, how it responds to stress and what it might need in order to function with renewed energy, facility and vitality. 

During my studies at the highly esteemed Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork I worked with a vast array of people, from age 11 to 75, with a variety of needs and this has shaped my sensitive approach to massage. I love working with people from all walks of life and believe that massage can bring relief and renewal.

I am also co-artistic director of the dance company Kapow, follow link for more info

P r i c e s

  45 mins £34                   60 mins £45                   75 mins £68

Discounts available for those on low wages/unwaged and you get 20% off when you book 3 or more

First session? Beth will add 10-15 mins to your time for free to take an initial consultation, thereafter it will be within the usual treatment times.

The initial consultation is where client and practitioner decide upon a treatment plan appropriate for that session for your needs that day.

Looking for a gift idea? Why not buy a  'Massage in a bottle' for your loved one?


You will get a voucher for a 60 min massage displayed in a tasteful glass bottle, see Instagram for photos and get in touch to order now.


Vouchers for massage available on request. Check out Instagram for seasonal deals.

To book call Beth on 07738784045


What To Expect

Each session begins with a consultation to explore wherever you are at today, each massage is then tailored to meet your current needs in the now. The aim is always to bring greater awareness, to relieve achey, tired muscles, to allow a letting go of accumulated tensions and to connect you with your deeper wellbeing through sensitive touch. 



The spirit of Renewal Massage is centred on a friendly, calm, and connected approach to massage therapy. Touch is an important part of understanding how our bodies are and how we feel at any given moment, Massage can help you to feel reconnected with what is important.

Holistic Massage is generally carried out with oil, however techniques can also be applied over the drape or adapted for fully clothed too.

 Beth offers  'You time', a space to reclaim energy for your own needs and wellbeing, and chance to give your body the space and opportunity to feel renewed through touch.

Do you want to feel less stressed, less achey and more in touch with yourself?


Do you want some time for you to feel connected and whole?


Do you want to return to your life renewed, refreshed and invigorated?


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